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Child Health consultants

NameJob titleSpecialty
Abdel-Magid, Dr El-Hasa Consultant PaediatricianChild Health
Ahmad Bhatti, Dr NoreenConsultant Community Paediatrician and...Community Child Health
Baker, Dr Joanne ConsultantChild Health - ambulatory paediatrics,...
Banerjee, Dr Somnath Associate Specialist in Community...Child Health
Birks, Dr SarahConsultant paediatrician and Clinical...Neurodevelopmental paediatrics, medical...
Brown, Dr JenniferConsultantChild & Adolescent Psychiatry
Brown, Dr Jenny ConsultantChild Health - child/adolescent...
Chalmers, Dr Shelley Consultant NeonatologistNeurodevelopemnt
Chandola, Dr MohanConsultantChild & Adolescent Psychiatry
Das, Dr Abhijit Consultant Paediatrician1. Neurodisability 2. Named...