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Our vision and values

Our vision, mission and values

People feel cared for, safe, respected and confident we are making a difference

Our vision: "Great healthcare from great people" 

Our mission: "Together we care: improving health and lives"

Our values

  • People feel cared for as individuals
  • People feel safe, reassured and involved
  • People feel teamwork, trust and respect sit at the heart of everything we do
  • People feel confident we are making a difference

Our priorities


We want to enable all our patients (and clients who are not ill) to take control of all aspects of their healthcare by 2021. 


We want to identify, recruit, educate and develop a talent pipeline of clinicians, healthcare professionals and broader teams of leaders, skilled at delivering integrated care and designing and implementing innovative solutions for performance improvement.


We want to define and deliver sustainable services and patient pathways together with our health and social care partners, by 2021.


We want to clearly identify ‘what business we are in’, ‘what we want to be known for’ and ‘what our core services are’. We need to provide the right services and do it well.

Download the 2017 - 2018 summary of our goals for our four strategic priorities

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