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The East Kent Gynaecological Oncology Centre

The East Kent Gynaecological Oncology Centre was established in 2000 to care for women in the east Kent region who develop a gynaecological cancer. 


All women with suspected cancer are referred to the service by their general practitioner, where they will usually be seen at a specialist clinic within two weeks. These clinics are based at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury; William Harvey Hospital, Ashford; and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

Women who have abnormal bleeding are usually seen in our diagnostic clinics. Most women in this situation do not have cancer, but as cancer is a possibility they are seen within 14 days of being referred by a GP so a diagnosis can be made and women without cancer can be reassured quickly. These clinics are also held in Canterbury, Ashford and Margate.


All women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer are put under the care of a specialist cancer team, who will look at their individual illness and decide how it will best be treated. Your general practitioner will be sent the recommendations of the team within 24 hours of this discussion, and we will of course discuss your options with you at a clinic or on a ward if you are admitted to hospital.

Women who need surgery are admitted to Birchington Ward at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.  Most radiotherapy treatments are provided at Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury, although some radiotherapy treatments are only available at Maidstone Hospital. Most women who require chemotherapy for gynaecological cancer are able to have this on an outpatient basis at their closest main hospital (Margate, Canterbury or Ashford). 


We, along with the rest of the NHS, are committed to finding new, effective treatments for cancer, and so many women will be invited to join clinical trials, which are research projects in which new treatments are assessed against existing standard treatment regimes. This is completely voluntary and you are completely free not to do so. Your doctor or nurse will tell you if you are eligible for taking part in a trial and will discuss in detail what the trial is for and what taking part in it will mean for you.

If you would like further information about any of the areas on the gynaeoncology pages of this website, please contact Mr Andy Nordin on 01842 234334 or by e-mail Andrew.Nordin@ekht.nhs.uk 


Clinic information

Genetics clinic

The clinic is part of the Genetics Department at Guy’s Hospital, London, and is staffed by doctors and genetic counsellors, both of whom specialise in seeing people with a family history of cancer.  You will be invited to either the clinic at Guy’s Hospital itself, or to the outreach clinic held at Faversham Health Centre at regular intervals.

Ovarian cancer family history clinic

The family history clinic is run by a specialist nurse with the support of the Cancer Genetics Department at Guy’s Hospital, London, and the consultant gynaecological oncologists.

Oncologist clinic

An oncologist is a doctor who specialises in treating cancer with radiation, and/or drugs, eg, chemotherapy.

Image of Andy Nordin
Nordin, Mr Andy
Job title
Consultant Gynaecologist / Subspecialist Gynaecological Oncologist
Gynaecological oncology / radical oncology surgery, Minimal access surgery, Colposcopy, Vulval diseases, Quality of Life research; gynae oncology clinical trials
Special interests
Hon Senior Lecturer – University College London 
National Clinical Lead for Gynaecology:  NHS Improvement – Cancer: 
Service improvement / innovation in gynae oncology practice 
Chair:  National Group of Gynae Cancer Network Leads (NSSG Leads Group): 
Implementation of cancer agenda through regional cancer networks 
Chair:  Gynae Clinical Reference Group of National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN): 
Integration of gynae cancer registry data, clinical data sources and audits to benchmark and improve clinical practice 
British Gynaecological Cancer Society:  treasurer 2006-09, council 2004-09 
British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology:  executive 2002-05 
European Organization for Research in Treatment of Cancer (EORTC): 
Quality of Life Group 2002+; gynae group project lead 2006-07 
Gynecologic Cancer Group: corpus tumour ctte 2008+ 
Education and career history
Born Adelaide, South Australia 8 June 1963 
Educated Brighton Primary & Brighton High Schools, South Australia 
MBBS University of Adelaide 
Junior medical posts in South Australia 1987-89 
GP registrar year Bridgwater, Somerset 1990 
Obstetrics & Gynae registrar rotations London & southern England 1991-95 
Obstetrics & Gynae senior registrar rotations London & Newcastle 1995-97 
Oncology Fellowship Gateshead 1997-2000 
East Kent Gynaecological Centre, QEQM Hospital, Margate
Contact details
QEQM: Sharon ext 63516, Debbie ext 62108, K&C: Fay ext 74783, WHH: Paula ext 86697, MDM Secretary: Sue ext 62112, MDM Co-ordinator: Cheryl ext 62104

Getting to our hospitals

For information of getting to our hospitals by car, public transport or NHS transport, plus details of car parking availability - please see the link below:

Find your way around our hospitals

Click the links below to view and download maps of our hospitals:

Dr Carys Thomas (Canterbury) Secretary

  • Tel: 01227 766877 extension 74563

Dr Justin Waters (Margate) Secretary

  • Tel: 01622 225149

Gynaecological Cancer Nurse Specialist

  • Angela Wilson 01843 234263

Counsellors for cancer patients and their carers

  • Elizabeth Taylor 01227 864045

  • Martine Bliss 01233 633331 extension 84100

  • Kuldeep Dhanda 01843 225544 extension 64202

Macmillan information & support radiographers

  • Canterbury: 01227 766877 extension 74098

  • Maidstone: 01622 225094

Genetics clinic

For information about being referred to the genetics clinic, please contact Trish Swift on 01843 234343.

Family history clinic

For further information about the family history clinic, please contact Trish Swift on 01843 234343.

How do I contact the Specialist Nurse?

By telephone

01843 234263 Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4pm. There is an answer-phone. Messages are checked regularly and every effort will be made to return your call the same day. If this is not possible, you will be called the following day provided it is not a weekend or a bank holiday.

If you are unable to contact the Specialist Nurse by telephone weekdays and your enquiry is urgent please ring 07500-126669. Normally your call will be answered straight away but there may be a delay if your Specialist Nurse is driving or with another patient and cannot leave them.

Out of hours

Telephone support and advice is available out of hours (week days and weekends) via Birchington Ward. Tel: 01843 234201. Remember, your own doctor is also available for advice and may be able to provide you with the assistance you need. Do not hesitate to ask.

Links - Sources of support and information

Cancer BACUP

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust (registered charity)

Cervical cancer information

  • e-mail: info@jostrust.org.uk

  • Tel: 0808 802 8000 (freephone helpline which is manned by volunteers who have had personal experience of cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's only cervical cancer charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer.

The website includes information which is written or reviewed by medical professionals about cervical screening, cervical abnormalities, treatments and cancer. 

Macmillan Cancer Relief


RV Club

  • Tel: 01977 640243 contact Mrs Jane Bramley (For women who have undergone vulvectomy)

V.A.C.O Vulval Awareness Campaign Organisation

Women’s Health Concern (registered charity)

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