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Renal services

Images of Renal Services offered across East Kent Hospitals featuring Thomas Beckett Dialysis unit, blood pressure and Home-Haemodialysis

The Canterbury Renal Unit is based at Kent and Canterbury Hospital (K and C) and provides renal service for the 1.25 million population of East Kent and the Medway and Maidstone districts of West Kent. Kent and Canterbury Hospital was first established in 1793 and moved to its current site in 1937. The renal unit was built in 1971 and started to provide dialysis treatment in 1972. 

There are now 368 patients on haemodialysis, nearly 72 patients on peritoneal dialysis and over 360 patients who have functioning renal transplants. In addition to a haemodialysis unit at K and C, patients are dialysed at satellites units in Margate, Medway, Maidstone, Dover and Ashford. The Home therapies team is responsible for provision of peritoneal dialysis service and runs a growing home haemodialysis programme, thus allowing a full choice of renal replacement therapies tailored to the need of individual patients. Outreach services are currently provided in Ashford, Folkestone, Margate, Maidstone, Medway and Dover. Home and community outpatient services have also been recently established.

Patients suitable for Kidney Transplant are referred to surgeons from Guy's Hospital, London, who hold weekly clinics at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Surgery for transplant is done at Guy's Hospital after which patients are transferred back to Canterbury for further follow up.

Both the medical and nursing staff take keen interest in research and regularly present their work at international meetings. The unit is carrying out research in a number of important areas. The department has a particular interest in epidemiology of chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease in renal patients, and use of IT in development of protocols for improving the quality and efficiency of renal service.

There is a weekly CME meeting where journal clubs and topic teaching is used to keep junior and senior doctors abreast of the latest developments in the field of nephrology. Renal unit actively participates in teaching house officers, medical students and nurses.

Marlowe Ward at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

In patient care for renal patients is provided on Marlowe Ward at Kent and Canterbury Hospital..

Marlowe Ward has 39 beds dedicated to the care of patients with a variety of renal conditions. The ward can be separated into three areas;

  • 14 bedded acute nephrology area

  • 16 bedded general nephrology area

  • six bedded short stay / day case area

General nephrology  

The beds in this area are designated for those with general medical problems related to kidney disease and complications of dialysis or transplantation. Patients are admitted here for a variety of diagnostic interventions such as biopsies and renal angiography, complications related to dialysis or transplantation and for the management of general medical conditions in those patients with chronic kidney disease.

General Nephrology Ward Area

  • 01227 783100

Short stay /day case 

The beds in this area are used for simple diagnostic investigations and any procedures which may be done on a day case basis or require an overnight admission. Patients are requested to attend this area for the administration of medications on a day-case basis to prevent unnecessary admissions.

Short Stay Area

  • 01227 783100

Acute nephrology

The beds in this area are used for those who have more complicated medical problems and acute kidney injury. There is a four bedded higher care area for patients requiring more intense monitoring and four single rooms. This area is able to offer a variety of dialysis options if required as well as providing a plasma exchange service within the department and the Trust. Renal consultants are actively involved in care of patients admitted with acute renal failure in ITUs in East and West Kent. Patients from outreach areas who continue to need renal replacement therapy are transferred to renal ward at K and C once they are discharged from the ITU.

Acute Nephrology Area

  • 01227 866456

Haemodialysis Units at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury renal unit provides dialysis service for East and West Kent. Currently there are six haemodialysis units based in Canterbury, Margate, Maidstone, Medway, Dover and Ashford. The units are staffed by a Unit Manager with registered nurses and dialysis assistants. Each shift is supervised by a Consultant Nephrologists or an Associate specialist. All patients are seen regularly by their supervising Nephrologist who reviews the adequacy of their dialysis and biochemical parameters monthly. Nutritional status of the patients is assessed by Renal Dieticians  and input from a Renal Pharmacologist and Councillor is available to Centre and Satellite Unit patients.

Centre Unit, Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Canterbury is the centre unit for the haemodialysis service.  Patients usually start on the programme at Canterbury until they are established and stable on dialysis. Once this has been achieved patients are be transferred to a satellite unit nearest to their place of residence. Canterbury unit has 20 stations and dialyses 90 patients.

All patients dialyse at least three times a week; a few dialyse four or five times a week.

Renal Consultants

There are ten Consultant Nephrologist and an Associate Specialist, who in addition to Kent and Canterbury Hospital, provide cover and do clinics in several East and West Kent Hospitals:

NameJob titleSpecialty
Abbas, Dr NasirConsultant NephrologistNephrology
Das, Dr NeelanConsultant Interventional RadiologistVascular and Interventional Radiology
Delaney, Dr Michael Consultant NephrologistKidney medicine, dialysis and...
Diwakar, Dr PrevinConsultant in Vascular and...Interventional Radiology
Doulton, Dr TimConsultant Nephrologist & Director...Nephrology (kidney/renal medicine),...
Farmer, Dr ChrisConsultant Renal Physician, Associate...Renal Transplantation, Live donor...
Insall, Dr RobertConsultant general and vascular surgeonVascular
John, Dr Ian (Robert) Renal ConsultantRenal
Kaikini, Dr RobertConsultant in Vascular and...Interventional Radiology
Kingston, Dr RichardRenal ConsultantNephrology

Specialist Registrars

There are four training posts for Specialist Registrars from the South Thames rotation. The registrars spend one year in Canterbury and gain experience in all areas of Nephrology except acute transplantation.  A Research Registrar takes part in 1:5 on-call rota and does one outpatient clinic per week.

Foundation one and two doctors

The department provides training to two to four foundation doctors as part of their speciality rotation

Nursing staff 

Over 100 nurses are involved in the care of patients attending the Unit

Each clinical area has one 'G grade' senior charge nurse responsible for day to day care and supervision

At a senior level there is also a Nurse Consultant, a Senior Matron / Service Manager and Home Dialysis & Renal Outpatients Matron. Links have been established with Christchurch Nursing College in Canterbury to improve education and training of renal nurse practitioners. The Unit provides a high level of education and training for all levels of staff.

Marlowe Ward staff

The ward is staffed by a team of specialty nurses led by two high care and general managers. The nursing team rotate across all three  areas of the ward thus maintaining their specialist skills. All junior nurses are appointed a mentor who assumes responsibility for the ongoing appraisal and training needs of each individual.

The ward is covered on a rotational basis by two renal consultants and their teams, each assuming responsibility for a designated group of patients. Each team has a specialist registrar and one to two foundation doctors. In total, there are four Clinical Specialist Registrars who rotate through the ward, clinics and dialysis units to gain experience in all aspects of Nephrology.

Multidisciplinary Team

Full cover is provided by a multidisciplinary team including;

  • Renal Counsellor
  • Dietitian
  • Social worker
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Advanced Kidney Care Nurses
  • Home Dialysis Nurses
  • Transplant nurses
  • Pharmacist

The ward team are complimented by our ward clerks and house-keepers.

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Contact Marlowe Ward

General Nephrology Ward Area

  • 01227 783100

Short Stay Area

  • 01227 783100

Acute Nephrology Area

  • 01227 866456

Allan Squirell Renal Unit, Margate

  • Tel: 01843 234270

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