Our consultants

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is developing an online consultant directory.

Specialities currently included in the directory can be accessed in the table at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if you know the consultant's name, try using the search facility below.

NameJob titleSpecialty
Tabbakh, Dr Hassan ConsultantAccident and Emergency
Thakur, Mr RamonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonHips and Knees
Thanuvan, Dr MarshallConsultantAnaesthetics
Thomas, Dr Foluso Cosultant in Audiovestibular MedicinePaediatric Audiology
Thomas, Dr George Consultant in Geriatrics and StrokeI am dual accredited in Geriatric...
Thomas, Mr MilanConsultant UrologistUrology
Thorns, Dr Andrew ConsultantPalliative Medicine
Thottungal, Dr Athmaja Consultant - Pain management and...Chronic Pain management and...
Tomanovic, Dr Nikac Associate SpecialistAnaesthetics
Toner, Dr Christopher ConsultantAnaesthetics