How to Login to new Staff Zone

On a EKHUFT computer or device

If you are using a Trust computer on a Trust site, or using an EKHUFT computer remotely via VPN, Staff Zone should pop up automatically when you access the internet.

If not, you can find it at https://staff.ekhuft.nhs.uk/

On a non-EKHUFT computer / personal device

To access the new Staff Zone from a non-EKHUFT device or computer you will need to download and enroll the Sophos Authenicator App on your mobile or tablet.

This only needs to be done once but the enrollment stage of the process must be performed on an EKHUFT computer or laptop that is connected to the East Kent Hospitals network. Users who are unable to connect remotely will need to attend an East Kent connected site in order to enroll the Authenticator. We reccomned that you use a connected EKHUFT computer for the whole process so that you can access the IT Portal for download instructions and then enrol your device.

You will also need to know your AD login username - this is the username that you use to login to any EKHUFT computer

Step by Step Guide -  Login

  1. Whilst connected to the EKHUFT Network - access the IT Portal for instructions to download Sophos Authenticator to your personal device
  2. Follow the instructions on how to enrol your device
  3. Take note of your 4-digit PIN number that you set up
  4. To login to Staff Zone, go to https://staff.ekhuft.nhs.uk on your personal device or computer
  5. On the blue "East Kent Hospitals" Sign In screen - enter your AD login username: e.g. William.Bonnie3
  6. The next screen asked for "One Time Password"
  7. Open the Sophos Athenticator App on your mobile device
  8. Into the window "One Time password" - enter your 4-digit PIN and the 6 digits showing on the Authenticator as one 10 digit code
  9. Click Submit

Once you have the Authenticator App and your 4-digit PIN, this process starts at Step 4

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