Council of Governors Committees

The Council of Governors hold Full Council meetings in public four times a year and have a further two meetings dedicated to development work and to provide an opportunity to look at specific topics in greater depth.  A joint meeting of the Council and the Trust’s Non-Executive Governors is also held annually. 

In addition the Council has a number of Committees to undertake specific roles.  Powers cannot be delegated to these Committees; they are required to report the Full Council with a summary of their work and any recommendations or proposals to be considered.  The Committees of the Council are as below.  Ad hoc groups may also be formed from time to time to address specific issues, with clear terms of reference.  Again, powers cannot be delegated to these groups. 

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

Governors on this committee work with the Trust’s Chairman and HR Department to fulfil the Council of Governor’s statutory duty to appoint (or remove) the Trust’s Non Executive Directors (NEDs) and Chairman.  

Recommendations are put forward from the committee to the Council of Governors for approval. The committee also has a key role in developing the appraisal policy for the Chair and NEDs and in putting forward proposals to the full Council of Governors regarding the remuneration to be offered for these roles.  The Committee meets as required when NED vacancies arise and once a year to consider NED and Chair remuneration.

Committee terms of reference: here

Membership Engagement and Communications Committee

Governors on this committee work with the Trust in the development of the Council's Membership and Members' Engagement Strategy. The Council of Governors exists as a two way “conduit” between the Trust, its membership and the public - the committee is there to facilitate this.  The Committee is responsible for monitoring performance against the strategy and identifying any necessary changes.  The Committee meets quarterly.

Membership and Members' Engagement Strategy 2019 -2022: here

Committee terms of reference: here

Audit and Governance Committee

This committee oversees the Council of Governor’s statutory duty to appoint the Trust External Auditors at the end of the current holder’s term of contract.  The Committee receives the external auditor's plan, timetable and annual report - for information.  The Committee works with the Group Company Secretary to regularly review the Trust's Constitution.  It also reviews the effectiveness of NED engagement with Council Committees. The Committee meets quarterly.

Committee terms of reference: pending ratification

Staff and Patient Experience Committee

This Committee is tasked with looking at the Trust's performance with respect to quality of care and drafting the Council's commentary on the Trust's annual Quality Report.  The Committee was created following the Council meeting in public held on 20 May 2021.

Committee terms of reference: pending ratification