Carl Plummer
Carl Plummer
Folkestone and Hythe
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I became the Public Governor for Folkestone & Hythe in August 2019. I'm not a Clinician or medically trained.  I am passionate about the NHS.  I want to play my part in ensuring the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust continues to be run with the needs of patients at the heart of everything it does. I’ve had personal experience of  close family members being seriously ill in hospital for a long period of time, which gave me an insight into how vulnerable and lost patients and their families can feel. My four children and my Grandchildren were born in Trust Hospitals and we use the services of the Trust regularly.


I believe passionately in the ethos of the NHS—healthcare for all, free at the point of use—and that it’s vital the health needs of the community are provided for by locally accessible services. I hope that I can use my experience, both professional and personal, to help shape how the high-quality services offered by the Trust continue to develop. The needs of the Trust are vital for its users, my constituents, the people of Folkestone & Hythe. I am always contactable, and I encourage all Members of the Trust, to indeed contact their Governors, as we are elected by you and serve at your pleasure. Use us, we are here to listen and to assist you.  I thank you, my constituents for your support and your trust.