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What is the Disabled Staff Council?

The Disability Council is a network group with the objective of giving staff with disabilities a voice.

The network aims to:

i) Provide a forum for members of the DSC to:

  •  Share knowledge and experience in a safe and supportive environment.
  •  Have a collective voice and contribute to the Trusts disability agenda 
  •  Gain knowledge and access appropriate support available for disabled staff. 
  •  Increase disability awareness and push the disability agenda 

ii) Provide the Trust with the opportunity to:

  • Consult and collaborate with disabled staff.
  • Raise the profile of disability within the equality, diversity and inclusion remit.
  • Increase accessibility and inclusion across all areas.

 The network is open to all staff whose goal is to make the Trust a better place to be and whose aspirations and aims are the same as the disability network.

Why not come along to a meeting and find more out about us 

You can now request that your managers record your absence from the workplace as ‘Working Day’ ‘SNM - Staff Network Meeting’. There should be no need to take annual or study leave.

To reduce the need for travel and additional time away from work meetings will be  by video conference.         

Contact Email ; ekhuftdisabledstaffcouncil@nhs.net

Terms of Reference

For more information see the Trust's Diversity and Inclusion Policy or the document archive.

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