Tina Ivanov

Tina Ivanov, Director of Quality Governance
Tina Ivanov, Executive Director of Quality Governance


Executive Director of Quality Governance (non-voting Board member)


  • Quality Governance Framework
  • Datix, Incidents and Serious incident management
  • Corporate Quality Governance
  • Legal Services
  • Complaints
  • Clinical Audit
  • Clinical Regulatory Compliance
  • CAS alerts management
  • Care Group Governance (dotted line)


History with the Trust

Dr Tina Ivanov joined the Trust in May 2021

Professional background

  • Registered Paramedic
  • Doctor of Education
  • Master of Professional Education and Training (Workplace and Vocational Education and Training)
  • Advanced Diploma of Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedic Studies
  • Diploma of Ambulance Paramedic Studies
  • Diploma Human Resources Management
  • Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign
  • Bachelor of Applied Science


Other current activities

Tina, originally from Australia, moved to the UK in 2015.  She is passionate about patient safety and the role of system design and human factors in healthcare.