Better health and care in east Kent

Better health and care in east Kent is all about improving the health and wellbeing of local people, raising the quality of health and social care services and ensuring we live within our means, spending the money we have for the greatest benefit. This is likely to mean making big changes to how health and care services are organised and provided. These changes will be designed to help us better meet the needs of local people. As plans for new ways of working in east Kent are developed everyone in east Kent will have the opportunity to share their views.

The East Kent Delivery Board, made up of clinical and other leaders from provider and commissioning organisations across east Kent, is leading this work and has published a ‘case for change’ for local services.

Better health and care in east Kent: time to change document sets out the compelling evidence for transforming our health and social care system so it can better meet the needs of patients and local people over the coming years. It describes the reasons why health and social care in east Kent needs to be transformed.

For more information about this programme of work visit the Better health and care in east Kent website.

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To find out about opportunities to get involved, anyone can become a member of East Kent Hospitals Trust, or you can join your GP patient participation group or clinical commissioning group Health Network.