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Our Transformation Journey

Our Transformation Journey

Our Transformation Journey builds on the improvement journey that saw the Trust being taken out of quality special measures in 2017, as a result of significant improvements to patient care and the organisation’s culture. In its latest inspection the CQC recognised further improvements and areas of outstanding practice, as well as areas where we have more work to do.   

The dedication, commitment and compassion of staff from every part of the Trust, working together, brought about this positive change. We are building on this way of working to continue to transform our Trust, improve health and wellbeing and deliver our vision of 'great healthcare, from great people'.

The transformation programme is described as six key priorities, progress is overseen by the Transformation and Innovation Group which connects the programme from ward to Board.

For more information about our improvements visit our News section.

 Our six key priorities

Transformation journey 300x280 Getting to good

Getting to Good

We want care for our patients to be a good as we can make it by building on our improvement journey which resulted in significant improvements to patient care and the Trust being taken out of quality special measures. By continuously improving, measured by the CQC’s core domains, we want our next CQC rating to be “Good”, and then to build on this to become “Outstanding”.

Transformation journey 300x280 Higher standards for patients

Higher standards for patients

We want to improve the quality of patient care and patients’ experience by ensuring that everyone gets seen and treated in a timely way. This means meeting national waiting time targets and using clinical best practice, so that we deliver the best patient care every time. Projects to improve this include providing cancer treatment quicker, shortening A&E waiting times, treating more patients as day cases and getting patients back home once they no longer need hospital care.

Transformation journey 300x280 great place to work

A great place to work

Making East Kent Hospitals a great place to work for all our staff means better care for patients. Developing, keeping and attracting a great workforce is how we will deliver our vision of “great healthcare, from great people”. We want to build on the social movement that helped the Trust to make significant improvements in its CQC journey, so that everyone, whatever their role, understands how they contribute to better patient care. We want to continue to develop a positive and caring culture.

Transformation journey 300x280 Delivering our future

Delivering our future

Our vision is for East Kent Hospitals to be a centre of excellence: where specialist teams have the equipment and staffing they need to provide excellent patient care; where people can get specialist intensive rehabilitation and outstanding elective orthopaedic care and where you can get fast access to hospital treatment because people who no longer need hospital care are receiving appropriate treatment closer to home instead. To do this we are working with the other local NHS and social care organisations on a major reconfiguration of services, in and out of hospital, informed by the public and our staff.

Transformation journey icon: right skills, right place right time

Right skills, right time, right place

To deliver great healthcare from great people we need to have teams with the right skills, delivering care to patients at the right time, in the right place. This includes providing more services 7 days a week, transforming teams and how they work, and delivering new models of care.

Transformation journey 300x280 Healthy finances

Healthy finances

Providing patient care that is more effective, keeps people healthier for longer and means you only have to come to hospital when that is the best place for you, isn’t just good for patients, it’s more cost effective too. This means we can make the most of the fantastic advances in the NHS that mean we are living longer, and make the money go further.

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