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If you are a patient or member of the public and wish to know more about our research studies, or you are interested in finding out more about becoming a 'Research Friend' or have any other enquiry, please contact Jillian Baker on 01227 766877 ext 722 5932 or jillian.baker@nhs.net.

If you are a researcher, industry or other external organisation and need to speak to someone about working with us, please contact our R&I office on 01843 225544 ext 725 4281 or ekh-tr.researchanddevelopment@nhs.net.

Contact info  

Ms Jessica Evans, Director of Research & Innovation  
Tel 01227 766877, Ext: 722 5932,  email: jessicaevans2@nhs.net   

Dr David Stephensen, Deputy Director of Research & Innovation  
Tel 01227 766877, Ext: 722 5932, email: david.stephensen@nhs.net  

Ms Ruth Hulbert, Lead Research Nurse
Tel: 01227 783074, email: rhulbert@nhs.net

Ms Jill Baker, Research Delivery Administrator & PA to the Director of R&I and Lead Research Nurse
Tel 01227 766877, Ext: 722 5932, email: jillian.baker@nhs.net 

Dr Jane Povey, Research Facilitator
Tel: 07870379028, email: jane.povey2@nhs.net

R&I Office

Miss Caroline Cowley, Research and Innovation / Clinical Trials Unit  Manager
Tel: 01843 225544 ext:725 3711 , email: caroline.cowley@nhs.net

 R&I Office

Tel: 01843 225544 ext: 725 4281, email: 


Research Delivery Teams

Cancer Research Teams

Oncology (Solid Tumour) Research Team

Team Leader: Sue Drakeley,   
Tel: 01227 866393 ,email: sue.drakeley@nhs.net

Haemato-oncology (Blood Cancers) Research Team

Team Leader: Lavinia Davey,
Tel: 01227 864129, email: laviniadavey@nhs.net

Multi-specialty Research Teams

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital

Team Leader: Jo Deery
Tel: 01843 234406 Extension: 725-3269 email: j.deery@nhs.net

William Harvey Hospital

Team Leader: Tracey Cosier
Tel: 01233 616116, email: tracey.cosier@nhs.net

Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Team Leader: Gemma Hector   
Tel: 07976 864879, email: gemma.hector@nhs.net  


 If you have any feedback on this website, please contact Jill Baker email: jillian.baker@nhs.net