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Chloe Emblem, deputy ward manager of Padua ward, in her uniform

Chloe Emblem

Deputy ward manager, Rainbow ward


As a single mum with a baby son, Chloe Emblem already had her hands full.

But she wanted to set him a good example, so went back to college when he was just four months old.

And before he started school, she was at university training to be a nurse.

Now deputy ward manager on Rainbow ward at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, on secondment from Padua ward at the William Harvey, Chloe’s ambition is unstinted.

She said: “My son is very proud of me. He came to my graduation, and he still remembers it even though it was three years ago.

“I’m proud of myself too. I wanted to be a Sister before I was 30 and I’ve done it.”

As the eldest of six children, Chloe spent her childhood surrounded by children and babies, so becoming a children’s nurse seemed like a natural career choice.

She said: “I have always looked after children and I love it.

“Teenagers are my favourite, because you can have a bit of banter with them and they are so funny.

“I see myself as a holistic nurse, not just a children’s nurse, as we are here for the parents too.

“Being able to make a difference to children and their families is fantastic, and it’s lovely when people remember your name, or you bump into them in town and they tell you how much you helped.”

While some of her patients are only on the ward for a few days or even hours, others are frequent visitors or spend weeks at a time in hospital.

Chloe said: “We really get to know some of our patients, like those who are being treated for cancer.

“The worst part is always if a child dies. It doesn’t happen as much as people expect but when it does we support each other, we talk about it, and we hug our own children a little tighter when we get home.

“We do try to distance ourselves but we are only human and some things do affect you.

“But we know we will have done the best we can and that’s all anyone can do.”

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