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Sarah Whitney

Sarah Whitney

Critical Care Clinical Nurse Educator, WHH

A small army of nurses across the country is providing excellent care to some of the sickest patients, thanks to the efforts of East Kent Critical Care’s clinical nurse educators.

One of them is Sarah Whitney, who has guided, nurtured and developed dozens of nurses, giving them the skills for one of the most high-pressure roles in any hospital.

Her own introduction to the intensive care unit has given her great insight into what new recruits are feeling.

Sarah said: “I was an experienced ward nurse when I came to ITU but I soon realised how much I needed to know.

“There was so much equipment around, It’s a completely different environment but one of the most rewarding jobs you can do because you are caring for people who are incredibly sick.”

Sarah initially started mentoring staff as part of her clinical role, and proved so good at it that she was approached to see if she was interested in taking on a formal education role.

After combining the two for a few years she decided to focus on education, and hasn’t looked back.

She said: “It is all the things I am passionate about; guiding, nurturing and developing people to provide excellent care. I love it. 

“It gives me huge job satisfaction to see the new staff coming in and supporting them and seeing people develop and grow.

“We give them the wings to fly and the skills to feel confident in their work and abilities.

“My aim, like the rest of the team, is to provide really good quality care: for each patient to be looked after in the way I would want a loved one cared for.”

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