Building the new Buckland Hospital 

New Dover Hospital

Our new hospital opened to patients and visitors in June 2015

On these pages you will find some interesting information we shared during the design and building phase. We have kept them online in this archive in case you wanted to take a look...

We have included artist’s impressions, floor plans, lists of services, transport plans and the construction plan.

The Trust’s mission is ‘To provide safe, patient focused and sustainable health services with and for the people of Kent. In achieving this, we acknowledge our special responsibility for the most vulnerable members of the population we serve’.

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Watch the construction

We recorded the construction of our new hospital via a webcam. You can now view the whole construction in the fun time-lapse video below:

New Buckland Hospital - the big build

You can see all the previous time lapse videos of the new Buckland Hospital build on our video archive page.

A typical patient journey - a look inside the new Buckland Hospital

Take a look at this fantastic computer generated video which takes you through our new Buckland Hospital and shows a typical patient journey.