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Archive infomation - Outpatient Consultation

Please note: Consultation period has now ended

The consultation on outpatient services in east Kent is now over and the results are being analysed by the University of Kent before a full report is published.

Thank you to all those who joined us at one of our public meetings and for those who shared their views via our survey.

What are we consulting about?

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) provides the majority of outpatient services to people in east Kent – and it is these services, currently provided from 15 places, that we are consulting you about.

The Trust believes it can improve patients’ experiences of the outpatient services it offers providing more convenient appointments in modern clinical premises. This consultation is seeking your views on the Trust’s proposals to reduce the number of places where it offers outpatient clinics to east Kent residents, from 15 to six.

This is in order to:

  • Improve access by making a wider range of outpatient services available on six sites in east Kent, so that more people will be able to have appointments within a 20-minute drive of home
  • Improve patient experience by offering out-patient clinics where a better range of facilities is available (for tests, X-rays, and scans) to help doctors diagnose patients’ conditions faster, assisting development of the one stop approach.
Consultation on Outpatient Services in east Kent
Download the consultation document

Looking ahead

The Trust is piloting advanced technology to improve patient experience. Some patients can have their condition monitored in their own home by a clinician in the hospital, who liaises with them about their treatment. New technology also enables a GP in their own surgery to speak about a patient’s condition with a specialist hospital clinician via a video link.

The use of this type of technology is growing slowly across the country and the Trust intends to develop a comprehensive choice of technology in east Kent over the coming years. This kind of approach is especially good for patients with long-term conditions.

In the future, patients may even be able to use their home television or computer to take advantage of opportunities to speak to clinicians. This means there will be less necessity to visit a hospital – and people will get better support in their own homes.

What we are not consulting you about

The proposed changes set out in the consultation document will not affect:

  • Renal services;
  • Children’s community services;
  • Vascular screening services;
  • Midwifery-led community-based Ante-natal and post-natal services, and
  • Nurse-led neurology clinics.

We are not planning any changes to these services, so we are not consulting you about them. Also this consultation does not include our inpatient services, or services supplied by other health service providers.

The Consultation Document

Please download and read the consultation document which outlines what we are proposing to change and why:


The Trust counted the physical number of car parking spaces at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital on Google Earth. We then checked this number with staff onsite and they confirmed it was correct. We have re-counted the spaces and can confirm that the number of spaces available is currently 93, for staff and patients combined. We apologise for this mistake.

The number of spaces at Estuary View Medical Centre was given by the Practice Manager. We have checked the figure again and can confirm the number has actually increased from our original number, i.e. from 135 to 162.

Easy Read Outpatient Consultation document

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