Parking Terms and Conditions

1.  Parking is prohibited in the following areas (these rules also apply to blue-badge holders):
  • On double yellow or red lines and hatched areas (including stopping/waiting)
  • In ambulance bays
  • On access roads
  • On pathways and soft grassed areas and verges
  • In proximity to fire access routes, by fire escapes and emergency exits
  • At bus stops and delivery bays
  • All areas not designated for parking, including areas cordoned off with cones/barriers

2.  All visitors to the hospital site must use areas designated for patient or visitor parking (not staff parking):

  • If using a ‘Pay-on-Foot’ car park – take a ticket upon entry and pay at a Pay Station before returning to your vehicle. Then proceed to the exit barrier. Charges are displayed on tariff boards at the entry barrier, and on the pay station
  • In selected areas indicated as ‘Pay & Display’, the ticket must be purchased upon arrival and displayed in the windscreen. Charges are displayed on tariff boards at the pay machines

3.  Vehicles must park within the marked bays.
4.  Parking in areas designated for ‘staff’ requires a valid staff permit or scratchcard. Staff disabled spaces may only be occupied by staff members with a valid permit or scratchcard.

5.  Only staff that are entitled to use the Hot Parking areas and have been issued with a hot parking clock by Parking Management Services may use these areas. The hot parking clock must be placed in the windscreen set at the time of arrival, and will have a time limit of four hours in one day on each site (no return same day).

6.  Only vehicles displaying a valid blue-badge may park in the designated disabled bays, for which a charge applies – see tariff boards for details.
7.  Motorcycles must park in designated areas not in car park bays. At Kent & Canterbury Hospital, motorcycle parking is loated outside of the fracture clinic. At William Harvey Hospital, motorcycle parking is located in the main patient and visitor disabled car park next to the exit, and also in the Channel Day car park. At Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, motorcycle parking is located at the St Peter's Road entrance.
8.  No vehicle shall occupy a drop-off bay for longer than 15 minutes.
9.  Failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in the issue of a £35 Parking Charge Notice (PCN). If no payment has been received after 28 days the PCN may be passed to a third party who may request registered keeper details from the DVLA under the reasonable cause criteria to recover the charge, and further charges may also be incurred.

10.  Terms and conditions apply and are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

11.  The Trust does not accept responsibility for any theft or damage to vehicles and/or their contents. Vehicle security is the responsibility of the owner/driver.