Frequently Asked Questions about access to records

I thought hospitals already had access to my records. How is this different?

The Trust does keep a complete record of all the care that we provide, but we do not have access to your medical records kept by your GP.

Some patient information has been accessible through the Summary Care Record (SCR) which covers allergies, medication and previous reactions to treatment. However, allowing hospital clinicians to access your up to date GP records with your consent will enhance and complement the summary care record and will be completely up-to-date.

Note: If you have already informed your GP that you do not wish your records to be uploaded to the Summary Care Record there will have been an entry made in your notes to this effect. This entry will also prevent your records from being viewed by other local clinicians involved in your treatment and that includes all staff within the Trust

Will all sections of my GP record be shared?

No. Not all information from your GP record will be available for hospital clinicians to view.

Information about sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, fertility and embryology treatment, surgical or medical terminations of pregnancy, and gender reassignment will be excluded. GP consultation text and other text written in as notes will also be excluded.

I don’t want anyone other than my GP to have access to my record. What should I do?

A member of hospital staff MUST ask for your consent BEFORE they access your record. You can also ask your GP to mark your GP record so that it cannot be accessed by hospital staff or anyone other than your GP.

How will they access my GP record? Is it secure?

Hospital clinicians will be able to view your GP record through something known as the Patient Information Platform (PIP). This is a secure online system which provides access to the very latest information. Hospital Clinicians will not be able to amend or remove information from your record.

Many health organisations, such as NHS Wales and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, already successfully use PIP to improve patient data sharing between GPs and hospitals.

All clinicians in the NHS have a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Any clinician who views a patient GP record is under a duty of confidence, which is written into contracts of employment. 

If I give consent, can my GP record be changed in anyway?

NO. Access to your medical record is “read only” and there is no way that anyone outside of your GP surgery can change any part of your medical record.