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Contacting a ward or department

Please use the A-Z links or search box in the directory below to find a ward or department. 

Click on the ward or department name for further information.

If you need to contact a Consultant or can't find what you are looking for - please call the Hospital Switchboard:

  • Buckland Hospital: 01304 222510
  • Kent & Canterbury Hospital: 01227 766877
  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital: 01843 225544
  • Royal Victoria Hospital: 01303 850202
  • William Harvey Hospital: 01233 633331


Cambridge L Ward

Ward / Department
Cambridge L Ward
Visiting hours

2:00pm to 8:00pm. Other times at the discretion of the nurse in charge.   


No cut flowers please. 

Telephone number
01233 616040

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