Frequently asked questions

In this section you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Trust and our website.

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Appointments and services

My GP has told me I need to make an appointment at the hospital, how do I do this?
Please see the 'Hospital appointment' section of our website for all you need to know.

Who can I talk to about my outpatient appointment?
Our highly trained staff in Outpatient Appointments will be happy to help you.

I made an outpatient appointment but I need to cancel it, how do I do that?
Please contact the number listed on your appointment letter or cancel your appointment online.

Where can I find information about the services offered at each hospital?
You can find links to all our services in the A-Z of Services section

Are there patient information leaflets on the website?
Yes! We have a growing collection of patient information leaflets written by staff at the Trust specifically for patients.

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At the hospital

I need to have a blood test, what times are the clinics?
Our comprehensive Pathology section provides details of having a blood test.

I need to have an x-ray or scan, what can I expect?
Please visit our Radiology section for full details.

I will be having an operation soon, what do I need to bring to the hospital with me?
Our Your stay in hospital section should help you.

I have an appointment to see a consultant, what will happen during my visit?
Please visit the 'Your consultation' section of our website.

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What are the visiting hours for the wards?
Please use the Wards and Departments online directory to find the ward you are looking for.

How can I contact a ward?
Please use the Wards and Departments online directory to find the ward you are looking for.

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Travel and parking

How do I get to Kent and Canterbury Hospital / William Harvey Hospital / Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital / Buckland Hospital / Royal Victoria Hospital?
Please visit our Find us section for full details, maps and links on getting to each of our hospitals.

How can I get to my appointment if I do not have a car?
Full details of how you can get to our hospitals by public transport and NHS transport can be found in our Find us section.

How much is parking at the hospitals?
Visit our Car Parking section for full details.

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About the Trust

What is an NHS Foundation Trust?
NHS Foundation Trusts have been created to devolve decision-making from central Government to local organisations and communities so they are more responsive to the needs of local people. Find out more >

How can I become a member of the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust?
It's easy - simply fill out the online membership form.

How can I find out what's happening at the Trust?
Visit our News section for all the latest updates.

I would like to make a request for information about the Trust - how do I do it?
Please visit our Freedom of Information section for full details.

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Compliments and complaints

How can I send thanks to the staff at the hospital who looked after me / my friend / my relative?
We appreciate all comments and feedback about our staff and our services. Please visit the Compliments and Complaints section for details of how you can do this.

How can I make a complaint?
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is committed to improving services by listening to you. If you would like make a complaint about something at one of our hospitals, please see the Compliments and Complaints section for details of how you can do this.

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Getting involved

How can I get involved with the hospitals?
You can become a member of our Foundation Trust, support our Hospitals' Charity, raise money for our Appeal, volunteer (contact our Patient Experience Team) at one of our hospitals or join our League of Friends.

How can I become a volunteer?
Please contact our Patient Experience Team.

How can I raise money for the hospitals?
Please visit the Fundraising section for all you need to know.

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Jobs and vacancies

What job vacancies are available at the Trust?
For details of working at the Trust - please visit our Careers section.

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