Healthier to be smoke-free

Healthier to be smoke-free

It’s healthier to be smoke-free.

Smoking is linked to nearly half a million hospital admissions each year, and accounts for more years of life lost than any other factor such as drinking or bad diet. Stopping smoking is one of the best things someone can do to improve their health and the health of the people around them, and every person’s health will start to improve as soon as they quit.

That’s why at EKHUFT we are a smoke-free Trust

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Child with oxygen mask promoting smoke free

What does smoke-free mean? 

Smoking is not permitted on our hospital grounds or in our buildings, anywhere, any time. Vaping will be permitted at a distance away from entrances and buildings.

Supporting you to quit

The One You service offers friendly and supportive options to help you give up smoking, for good. For more information on quitting smoking, please call 0300 123 1220 to talk to an advisor or go to www.oneyoukent.org.uk 

If you need to stay in hospital for a long period of time, you can be prescribed Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help you quit.