Magic Moments

Each month we receive hundreds of lovely comments from grateful patients, carers and visitors and we'd like to share some of them with you...


Helpful and courteous

Would just like to say thank you for treatment I received (at A&E and Xray at William Harvey Hospital). I was X-rayed very promptly and treated at A&E within a reasonable time. Everyone was very helpful and courteous and was offered choice between plaster cast and support boot which was nice. 


I could not possibly have had better care

I had a colonoscopy at William Harvey Hospital. I could not possibly have had a better welcome, or been better informed as to what was happening. The procedure was wonderfully efficient and totally painless. I could not possibly have had better care. Thank you all, and the whole NHS.


Kind, caring and professional

I would just like to acknowledge how kind, caring and professional Anna Madar has been. After having to have extra scans in my pregnancy, I have been fortunate to have had Anna do the majority of my scans. Every time she has reassured me (I had some problems early on with the pregnancy) and taken the time to do the scan without rushing, when they have clearly been very busy.  She explained and showed me baby on the screen, as well as printing out photos for me each time (which we weren't expecting). She always had a smile on her face and was happy to answer any questions. 


Compassion and great kindness

Thank you, thank you to all the staff of Birchington Ward from the Consultant theatre staff, nurses, cleaners and the tea lady all helped to make my stay a happy one in the circumstances. I was so scared but I was treated with compassion and great kindness. Thank you.


Efficient and stress free as possible

Following a problem that developed with my pacemaker and a phone call (to the Pacemaker Clinic in the Heart Centre at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital), I was told to turn up (without appointment) to the next available clinic. I wish to pass on my thanks to all I came into contact with at the clinic. From the initial receptionist to the two subsequent staff who assessed my pacemaker and then performed ultrasound analysis. They all combined to make my visit as efficient and stress free as possible. Craig, in particular, I thought, acted above and beyond the call of duty. I could not have asked for better.


My trust in this super-efficient team

After tests it was discovered I had a cancerous growth in my intestine. This was a real shock for both my wife and myself, but Mr Ramalingam was so kind and caring he explained what he would like to do, have further tests to confirm his diagnosis, followed by surgery. We understood our options, giving us the confidence to proceed with the subsequent operation. I have the greatest respect for Mr Ramalingam’s skill and his equally kind, caring and professional colleagues that my trust in this super-efficient team deserve my grateful thanks.


Help me feel reassured

I was seen promptly (at the Breast Clinic at William Harvey Hospital).  I was anxious and Veronica was calm and thorough. She gave me detailed information about her diagnosis and what to expect. She instigated further checks to help me feel reassured. Her nurse was kind and careful. Thank you.