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Patient Safety Incidents

A high level of reporting for errors, accidents and near misses is a measure of a good safety culture that is transparent and willing to learn and improve to prevent recurrences. Over time we are seeing an increase in the number of incidents being reported but fewer serious incidents. 

Definition of harm is as follows:

No harm - no harm occurred as a result of the incident.
Low harm - the patient required extra observations or minor treatment.
Moderate - the patient suffered significant but not permanent harm requiring additional treatment.
evere harm – the patient was permanently harmed as a result of the patient safety incident.
Death – the patient safety incident resulted in the death of the patient.

The graph below illustrates that the Trust's reported low (blue line), no harm and near miss incident rate (green line) is going up. This is viewed as being positive as staff are being honest and open and thus able to learn lessons from incidents. The most common incidents are falls, pressure ulcers, medication, delay or failure in diagnosis or treatment and equipment problems. During the same time period, there has been a downward trend in more severe harm (red line), indicating an improvement in our safety processes.

Patient safety incidents 2016

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