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HEKSS Reasonable Adjustments 

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This Education was designed to raise doctors’ awareness of people with learning disabilities was supported by HEKSS Intellectual Disabilities Workforce Development Programme. EKHUFT Clinical Education held 11 workshops relating to Reasonable Adjustments and Mental Capacity Act and were facilitated by three local learning disability nurses and three people with learning disabilities. Although only 10% of doctors were able to attend in the end, the synergy and enthusiasm generated by the 120 delegates seemed to make it all worthwhile to improve services for patients attending hospital for treatment.

The Trust knows that people with learning disabilities are more likely to come into Hospital via A&E and experience repeated admissions compared to the general population. We are working with our partners to confront and reduce this.

The workshop utilised a combination of practice development methods with locally developed data a frameworks – such as the 4C Framework for making reasonable adjustments, to enable participants to identify ways to make their services more accessible for people with learning disabilities.

One tool our frontline staff have created is the 4C framework for making reasonable adjustments. These areas are:-

  • Communication
  • Choice Making
  • Collaboration
  • Coordination

The Trust also uses and offers a lot of other resources for all its health professionals to access in order to assist them in dealing and understanding people with learning disabilities.

Examples of resources made available to staff are:

  • Bright Futures
  • Getting it Right
  • Membership 
  • Repeated Admissions Care Pathway
  • EKHUFT is an active partner in Kent Surrey and Sussex Learning Disability Community of Practice 
  • EKHUFT Learning Disability Library Resources.

With the NHS ten year plan focusing on the needs of people with learning disabilities, this is an opportune time to consider hour we educate all professionals in making adjustments for people with learning disabilities.

To learn more about the project, read the documents below: 

For further information, contact the Associate Director of Medical Education, via

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