Governor's Fact Sheet

A Brief Introduction to the role of a governor in a Foundation Trust

The Council of Governors

The Council of Governors for the East Kent Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust is made up of 19 governors. Three Staff and 13 Public Governors are elected by members through a postal ballot. Governors are elected to serve as a representative of their constituency usually for three years. In addition, three Governors are nominated by service providers who work with the Trust.

Who can stand for election?

To become a governor you must be a member of the Foundation Trust and over 16 years of age at the time of the election. Members can only be elected to a seat in their own constituency; this is determined by their address. Members of staff cannot stand or vote for public constituencies. A governor’s term of office is up to three years, after this they may stand for re-election for a maximum of three periods. If you are not already a member of our Foundation Trust, sign up today!

Do governors run the Foundation Trust?

Governors do not have responsibility for the operational running of the hospital. The Board of Directors oversee the running of the hospitals. This Board is made up of Executive Directors, who are employees and Non-Executive Directors, who are appointed by the Council of Governors. The Chairman chairs the Board of Directors and the Council of Governors.

How much commitment, in terms of time, will governors have to give?

The Council of Governors meet five times a year in public. Governors are also given opportunities to join committees involved with various aspects of the Trust’s work. There will usually be some reading as preparation for Council and committee meetings.

As an elected representative of a public or staff constituency, a key role for governors will be to spend time engaging with their constituency members to understand their views and to feed back to their member’s information on the trust’s vision and its performance. 

Are governors paid?

Being a governor is a voluntary role and is not paid. However they are reimbursed with transport costs and other agreed expenses incurred in carrying out their role as a Governor.

What can governors expect from the Trust?       

The Trust provides induction and on-going training to ensure that all governors are able to be effective in their role. Governors will be supported in their role by the Trust Secretary, members of the Board of Directors and the Membership Office.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information on becoming a governor, please contact Amanda Bedford, Governor and Membership Lead, at Amanda.bedford1@nhs.net or on 01233 651891