Celebrating ODP day - meet Chloe Paine

ODP Chloe Paine. Picture shows Chloe Paine, an operating department practitioner, wearing scrubs and looking at the camera in an operating theatre environment

Published on 17 May 2021

Chloe Paine contemplated teaching as a career, then nursing, but has no regrets about deciding to become an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP).

She admits she wasn’t exactly sure what the role entailed, but as a third-year student her experiences so far have exceeded her expectations.

Placements in the first two years focussed on fulfilling the scrub practitioner role, handing medical instruments to surgeons and ensuring they have everything they need, as well as anaesthetic assistant, helping anaesthetists throughout the hospital as well as in theatre. There were also placements in post-operative care on the recovery ward.

But in her third year she has been able to act as first assistant to the surgeon – meaning she is directly involved in the procedure.

She said: “Today I assisted with my first caesarean section, which was a fantastic experience.

“The midwife usually takes photos of the baby as it is being born and I realised I was probably in some of those pictures.

“The parents won’t remember my name but I will be part of their memory of that day for ever and that’s a huge privilege.”

Chloe’s training continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and she was able to complete all her placements at the William Harvey Hospital.

She is now planning to join the team as a permanent member of staff once she qualifies.

She said: “I’ve had an amazing time learning the role and working with the theatre teams here and I’m looking forward to starting my career here.

“I’m keeping my options open for the future but I’m loving the work so far and I can’t wait to learn more and develop my skills further.”

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