Covid-19: The Road to Recovery

The CSP has developed a brand new animation to help patients who are recovering from Covid-19 to self-manage their symptoms with physiotherapy guidance. This is a great resource for patients and their families to help ease some of their anxiety about recovering from the virus and getting back to normal life.

This short illustrates what people can expect when recovering from Covid-19; reassuring them that it may take time to get their energy and fitness back. It also provides advice on simple measures that anyone can take to ensure the best recovery possible; like keeping active and partaking in low-intensity exercise.

Patients who have concerns about their recovery from COVID-19 are encouraged to seek the advice of a Chartered Physiotherapist, GP or other Health Professional, who can provide bespoke advice and support.

The launch of the animation is part of The CSP’s broader rehabilitation campaign to improve patient access to rehabilitation across the UK and influence healthcare decision-makers to provide the resources and workforce needed. This campaign is a collaborative effort between the CSP and the rehab alliance partners, who include: Centre for Ageing Better; Asthma UK; British Lung Foundation; British Association of Sport Rehab; Royal Osteoporosis Society; Headway, Nuffield Health; British Society of Rehab Medicine and Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub.

Patients wanting more information about Covid-19 recovery from the CSP, can visit the information section on the CSP website titled Covid-19: the Road to Recovery