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Coronavirus update for maternity services

We are making changes to keep mums, babies and families safe. We are very sorry to ask you to do this at such an important time for you and your family. But your safety and that of your baby and your family is our top priority. 


  • We will contact you to discuss any changes to your upcoming appointment. If we make any changes to your upcoming appointment we will telephone you, otherwise please attend as planned

  • We may offer you a phone or video consultation to replace your upcoming appointment, but we will discuss this with you first

  • Glucose tolerance test appointments will still be held in hospital – if you have a glucose tolerance test scheduled, please come to hospital for that appointment

  • Please do not bring anyone to your appointment — you must attend your appointment alone to help prevent the spread of infection. 


  • Please do not bring anyone to your scan appointment — you must attend your appointment alone to help prevent the spread of infection. 

Face coverings 

  • All patients and visitors coming to hospital, including pregnant women and your birth partner, need to wear a face covering. This is for your safety and the safety of other patients and staff
  • Face coverings can be cloth and/or homemade, and advice on how to wear and make one can be found on the government website
  • Please wear your face covering when you arrive and leave the hospital, in any communal areas (e.g. main entrance, corridors, waiting areas…) and during your appointment or scan. 
  • You do not need to wear a face covering during labour, but your birth partner does, including in private rooms and behind curtains. Teams caring for you wear appropriate personal protection. 
  • For more information see here

 Birth partners and visitors

  • You can have one named birthing partner with you for the duration of your labour and delivery.   
  • Only your birthing partner can visit you while you are in hospital. Your birth partner can also visit from 8am-8pm while you are in hospital.  
  • We cannot allow any other visitors, to help prevent the spread of infection.   
  • We cannot allow partners to stay overnight in the ward areas. 

Antenatal classes 

  • We have to cancel antenatal classes for now but you can access free antenatal classes online here This includes sessions on understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby. 
  • This has been written by NHS midwives, health visitors and clinical psychologists and there are versions in English, Urdu and for women couples.
  • Please contact your midwife or health visitor for support if the course raises any concerns for you or your baby’s wellbeing. 


  • We cannot run tours or drops ins at the moment but you can view video tours of our maternity units at QEQM and William Harvey hospitals via the MOMA app and on our website here
  • Please note that the information about birth partners and visiting guidelines are currently different to what it says on these videos, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. 
  • One named birthing partner can be with you for the duration of your labour and delivery. Only your birthing partner can visit you while you are in hospital. More information above.

Home births

  • Home births are available for first time mums and women who have had a baby before. 
  • If you are considering giving birth a home, please contact your midwife to arrange a home birth assessment. This is essential for a home birth to take place. 
  • To help keep everyone safe, you must inform your midwife if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of coronavirus
  • We ask that you have only one named birth partner with you during your labour and delivery and no other visitors.
  • Your midwife will check your and your birth partner’s temperature on arrival.
  • Midwives will wear appropriate personal protective equipment – including a mask, gloves and apron. They will need handwashing facilities close by.
  • Home births resumed on 15 June for women who had previously had a baby and from 20 July for first time mothers. 

Useful links

You can find helpful information about pregnancy and our maternity services on the MOMA app and our maternity web pages as well as our social media channels: FacebookTwitter, Instagram 

Download the Coronavirus Maternity Leaflet for parents with newborn babies

Message from your local Maternity Voices Partnership during Covid-19

Becoming a parent can be a bit scary at the best of times but with the changes to maternity services due to Covid-19, things can seem more overwhelming than usual. It can be hard to keep up with what all this means for your care throughout pregnancy and when your baby is born.                                                                                        

Your local Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a great resource at this time. Each Kent MVP has links to their local hospital, birthing centres, midwives and heads of maternity. 

MVPs can help with any questions you have and are also collecting the contact details of private and charity birthing world professionals who can give advice on breastfeeding, pregnancy, birth and caring for your new baby on the phone or on video chat. 

Please use the links below to find your local MVP on Facebook, subscribe to posts by ‘liking’ the page and feel free to ask them any general questions you have. 

Important note: MVPs are independent from the Trusts they represent but will help you by signposting to the information you need. 

Any queries about the health of you or your baby must be directed straight to a healthcare professional at the hospital via the maternity triage line.

Links for the Facebook pages: