Olympic mural helps physiotherapy patients reach their own finish line

New Olympic mural at the QEQM. Image shows mural in the physiotherapy gym. The mural shows an Olympic track with crowds of spectators. In front of it you can see a treadmill and exercise bike.

Published on 8 October 2021

Patients striving for the finish line in their rehabilitation can find a little extra inspiration thanks to a new mural.

An image of an Olympic running track has been installed in the physiotherapy gym at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, helping to motivate people using treadmills to improve their mobility after surgery or injury.

It is part of a package of improvements to the department, funded by East Kent Hospitals Charity, that also includes a new children’s waiting area with colourful aquarium mural, and additional equipment such as weights and exercise bikes.

Devon Amos, clinical specialist physiotherapist, said she hoped it would encourage patients to continue working on their recovery.

She said: “The murals look fantastic and they have helped add an additional fun and inspiring element to our rehabilitation groups. 

“Rehabilitation work can feel repetitive and can take weeks or even months, so giving people something different to focus on can really help them to stay motivated. And what better than an Olympic track, with all it represents?”

Paediatric physiotherapist Agnieszka Pawlak is behind the make-over, which aims to improve the experience of all patients.

She said: "It's less stressful for families when there is natural light and images that create a less clinical atmosphere.

"This is an important first step to promoting healing and offering a sense of security for children and creates a positive first impression for a place many children may be apprehensive to visit."

Dee Neligan, senior charity officer for East Kent Hospitals Charity, said they were delighted to be able to fund the project.

She said: “It’s wonderful to see the murals are up and are getting positive feedback.

“Agnieszka has been brilliant in helping to make her idea a reality and I hope it will inspire our patients to achieve their goals – it might not be an Olympic gold medal but sometimes being able to improve your mobility enough to enjoy a walk with the family can be just as rewarding.”

For more information about East Kent Hospitals Charity and how to support their work, visit https://www.ekhcharity.org.uk/