Robotic surgery success recognised

The length of stay following robotic prostate surgery in our hospital's is one of the best in the country – so much so that the American company that manufactures the robot is using our performance data to show what can be achieved.
Da Vinci Robot Team

Since the team began providing robotic surgery using the Da Vinci robot, patients’ discomfort  and the time they spend in hospital has reduced significantly. On average 95% of patients go home within 24 hours of having the operation compared with three days for a traditional operation and recovery times have improved, with patients returning to work within one month.

Consultant Ben Eddy, who with Ed Streeter leads the service, said: “We have also expanded the range of operations being offered, including robotic cystectomies and partial nephrectomies, where a small part of the kidney is removed, the latter being undertaken by Urology Consultant William Choi who has joined the team.

“We are now sharing our experience with teams from Warwick and Coventry and a team from Stoke are visiting next month. We are also training doctors from other Trusts how to use the robot. The challenge for us now is to see how we can make further use of this advanced technology to improve care for other groups of patients.”