We've signed up to safety

This week we have joined a national NHS initiative called ‘Sign up to Safety’ as part of our ongoing commitment to providing safe care.

Our Patient Safety Strategy is designed to reduce unnecessary deaths and ‘harm events’ year on year as measured by our mortality rate and auditing of case notes and this new initiative forms part of that strategy. As part of the initiative we have signed up to five pledges that are summarised below, but can be seen in full in our sign-up document.

  1. Putting safety first by committing to reduce avoidable harm by half and making our goals and plans public.
  2. Continually learn by making our Trust more resilient to risks, by acting on the feedback of patients and measuring how safe our services are.
  3. Honesty by being transparent with people about our progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong.
  4. Collaborate by taking a leading role in supporting local collaborative learning, so that improvements are made across all of the local services that patients use.
  5. Supporting and helping people understand why things go wrong and how to put them right. Give staff the time and support to improve and celebrate the progress.


 At the launch Dr Mike Durkin, Director of Patient Safety, NHS England said, “We must wholeheartedly embrace Sign up to Safety to reach out into every healthcare setting and make a lasting difference to the culture of the NHS. Working together we can create a safer NHS that is open and honest.”

Full information on our plans to keep improving patient safety can be seen at http://www.ekhuft.nhs.uk/safety.

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