New quiet room at William Harvey Hospital
New quiet room at William Harvey Hospital
New quiet room at William Harvey Hospital

A very special room for William Harvey

The Friends of William Harvey Hospital have funded a Quiet Room on Kings Ward. It was opened recently by East Kent Hospitals Chief Executive Matthew Kershaw and Sue Heritage, Vice-Chair of the Friends of WHH.

There are times when private discussions about patients need to be made with family or support workers. Until now, staff have had to ‘borrow’ offices and have delicate conversations in less than ideal circumstances. William Harvey Hospital now has a bright and private room in which these discussions can take place.

Elaine Barclay, along with Sharon Valler and Lisa Johnson, had initiated the project after realising that a quiet place was desperately needed for Kings and adjoining wards. Elaine and her staff chased the project through to the end.

The room was funded by the Friends of William Harvey Hospital with some of the money being donated by the friends and family of Sue Richardson and John Wilkinson. Sue worked for the hospital for many years including managing the Friends shop. John Wilkinson had also volunteered for many years after his retirement. There will be a plaque in the room to commemorate them.

Thanks to the funding of the room, and the concerted efforts of many staff members at William Harvey Hospital, there is now a place of peace and comfort where families and clinical staff can discuss care pathways.