Dr Lobo, Nikki Cole and Ian Setchfield

Exceptional Ian earns Trust Award while Dr Lobo shows Excellence in Care

Acute Nurse Consultant Ian Setchfield took home the winners gong at the Trust Awards for his Exceptional Contribution to the Trust, while Dr Sunil Lobo won the Excellence in Care award.

Ian and Dr Lobo impressed the judges with their key roles in the changes into the new Acute Medical Unit, working with Louise Harmes, who earned a runner-up trophy in the Inspirational Leader category.

Ian attended national conferences and liaised with networks across the country to make sure that the team were up to date and moving forward with their practices while Dr Sunil Lono showed his passion for acute medicine and was involved with the model from the blueprint stage to the end result.

Ian worked on an Advanced Nurse Practitioner programme for the Emergency Ambulatory Care setting, which would be the first in EKHUFT and would transform the pathways and nursing practices in Ambulatory Care.

He was “really proud of winning”, but praised his team first and foremost.

I’m just one of the team. I’m pleased personally but I am so happy that I can represent my team with this award.

Ian Setchfield

Acute Nurse Consultant

Ian said: “I'm just one of the team. I'm pleased personally but I am so happy that I can represent my team with this award.”

Dr Lobo, who won the first award of the night made a touching speech, thanking his team for three years of hard work.

He said: "Unlike the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, this award is all about team spirit.

"I wouldn't be standing here today without the excellent team that I work with across the whole Trust."