NHS Birthday Final

Happy Birthday NHS!

Happy Birthday NHS!

Today is the 68th Birthday of the National Health Service, and it is as important today as it was when it began in 1948. We are right to be proud of it.  It is a highly successful service. It outperforms healthcare services in many other developed countries, despite costing much less than most of them. It is a fair and considerate service, free at the point of use, exempting those with low incomes such as pensioners and students from paying and it receives constant investment.  Our GPs, doctors, nurses and staff work hard in a caring and committed manner to provide that service.

Over the 68 years since its creation has continually grown, evolved and improved to become a source of national pride and a service envied around the world.

Throughout the sites in East Kent Hospitals we have seen many changes to our services in 68 years aiming to be the best hospital, providing the best care and staffed by the best people.

Birthday 68 Fact

EKHUFT is very proud of our trust ; in 2015-2016 alone ;

  • We became one of 22 trusts to host an Acute Medical Unit (AMU), which is based at QEQM.  The AMU looks after patients who are admitted for urgent investigation or care by their GP, an outpatient clinic or the Emergency Department. It is an innovative, modern way of treating emergency patients which means there is a rapid service, better treatment as they can receive an earlier diagnosis from a consultant and a more effective unit as quicker access to investigations and diagnosis avoids patients being admitted unnecessarily. 
  • The trust invested £22 million into a new site at Buckland; the new facilities include a minor injuries unit walk in centre, outpatient facilities, renal satellite services, day hospital services, child health ambulatory and child development services, and diagnostic facilities.  This is an important development for the Trust as it secures local access to services.
  • EKHUFT was chosen as a robotic surgery centre of expertise, in a scheme funded by The Urology Foundation. A high volume robotic training centre has been installed, enabling surgeons to share expertise and increasing the number of NHS urologists across five centres.  The five centres were selected based on their track record in delivering high quality care to patients, expertise of the individual surgeons, and a proven track record in top quality training given to colleagues.
  • We are a designated renal centre; there are now 368 patients on haemodialysis, nearly 72 patients on peritoneal dialysis and over 360 patients who have functioning renal transplants. We also have taken part in two ground-breaking national trials, and exceeded recruitment targets for both. We hold a weekly meeting where journal clubs and topic teaching is used to keep junior and senior doctors aware of the latest developments in the field and we are actively engaged in teaching.
  • We have an award winning stroke service that see’s approximately 1500 patients a year from the local area. We have 3 stroke units which are managed by a team of staff with specialist stroke skills and training, and have recently been awarded a band A from the Stroke National Audit Programme. Dr Foster and Care Quality Commission recently ranked it the top performing stroke service in the country, and we offer pioneering stroke treatment across the units.

Patients deserve world-class care and world-class facilities, and as always, we aim to deliver both. As a trust we look forward to what the next 68 years will bring for the trust and for our local population!