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Sandie with her winner's gong.

Sandie is a star employee

Canterbury-based Sandie Jennings has been acknowledged as the East Kent Hospitals ‘Employee of the Year’.

Working as the Trust’s Senior Clinical Pharmacy Assistant, Education and Development, Sandie took up the role in 2015. 

Since then, she’s been instrumental in developing new relationships between the wards, the departments and the pharmacy staff.

She’s done this by changing the way that her team works with each other and the wider Trust, and broken down administrative barriers, ultimately benefiting patients.

Sandie (32) also supports 48 assistants and four cross-sector apprentices within the Trust. And thanks to Sandie’s hard work and support, 16 assistants have successfully completed their training courses. 

Sandie has also gone on to complete a National Medicines Management Accreditation for the checking of patients’ drugs – the first Pharmacy Assistant to do this. 

Her expertise has led to her being instrumental in encouraging patients to bring their medicine into hospital. 

This has enhanced patient care by ensuring a seamless continuation of medicine supplies, while saving the NHS money. 

Sandie has also completed the Care Certificate which is unique to her role – but highlights her patient-centric and ‘can-do’ attitude.

She was put forward for the award by her manager, Pharmacy Technician Rachel Norman, and Pharmacy Technician Sue Jones. 

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