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The Twitter storm is coming! 

You have the chance to participate in a Twitter Storm and Twitter Chat to share your ideas and insights for contributing to EKHUFT’s Quality Objectives 2017-2018

EKHUFT’s quality strategy is to provide person-centred, safe, effective care and good workplace cultures to embed these outcomes


8th- 12th Feb Twitter Storm 

Answer these questions to us on @EKHUFT so we can grab your answers and feedback.

  • Q1. What does great quality looks like to you?
  • Q2. What do you think are important areas to address around quality over the next year to inform our annual objectives?

13th – 17th February Twitter Storm

  • Q3. What tangible areas can the trust take forward to improve quality?
  • Q4. What do you think the trust should focus on to encourage broader ownership by staff for the quality strategy?

15TH February  8-9pm  TWITTER CHAT

This is your chance to participate in a one hour Twitter live chat identifying specific priorities around person-centred, safe and effective care and effective workplace cultures facilitated by Kim Manley and Jane Christmas

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