Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership (HEP) team

EKHUFT's midwives and doctors continue HEP work in Ethiopia

The Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership (HEP) project is run by EKHUFT midwives and obstetricians to support healthcare workers to reduce maternal deaths and deaths in children under five years old in the region of Tigray in northern Ethiopia.

The project has been running for eleven years, and HEP members visit twice each year to deliver training programmes to people across rural areas. The next trip is taking place in November.

The training consists of skills drills training, role-play and interactive scenario exercises. The training is delivered to doctors, nurses, midwives and health extension workers in either classroom situations or clinical areas. The volunteer team also provides advice and guidance in clinical areas and deliver small items of equipment purchased through fund raising and donations.

Nichola Morgan, Midwife, said: “The visits are often challenging, both physically and mentally, and require a degree of flexibility and an open mind, as teaching might take place outside a health centre or in a hut.

“We get to deliver training and products they really need, and in return we get to enjoy the countries rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

“All the team who have gone to Tigray have said that the visits have left a lasting impact on their lives and most of us have made friends for life.”

Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership (HEP) team