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Get to know your local Minor Injuries Unit

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Our Minor Injury Units are a one stop shop for treating minor injuries such as sprains and strains, fractures, minor cuts, wounds,  burns and scalds. With onsite X-ray facilities, a dedicated team of specialists and average wait times much shorter than at the Emergency Department, the MIU is the place to go with a minor injury or ailment.

Gill Miller, Matron, explains what to know, and when to go.

“We see around 4,000 people a month at our Minor Injury Units, that’s almost 50,000 a year!

“We have great facilities for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, but a high number of the local population are unsure of where to go. We are keen to help local people make a more informed decision when it comes to the care they need by giving them more information about alternative service. Most people have heard of the ED and a lot of people tend to stick with what they know when they are in need of urgent care.

“Our Minor Injury Units have teams of highly skilled nurse practitioners who can offer treatment, advice and information and there’s no need to make an appointment; just turn up during opening hours.

“We are here to provide treatment for a range of injuries and ailments including minor head injuries, insect and animal bites, minor allergic reactions, minor eye injuries and minor injuries to the back, shoulder and chest. Going to the A&E for such conditions will mean you are likely to wait for longer periods before being seen, particularly when there are more urgent cases requiring emergency medical care.”

Each year our staff see and treat more than 200,000 people in the Emergency Department. 

The Emergency Department is for the most seriously ill or injured patients and we ask you to consider whether you need urgent and emergency care services.


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