Amputee Support Group celebrate the League of Friends

The Amputee Support Group at East Kent Hospitals invited members of the League of Friends of the Kent and Canterbury Hospital for tea in the Unit.

This was to say a huge thank you to the League for gifting wheelchairs and various pieces of equipment to help patients with recent amputations become mobile again after surgery. 

Louise Derbyshire and colleagues demonstrated some of the equipment Amputee Support Group members chatted to the League about their experiences over tea, delicious cakes and strawberries.

The support group aims to offer a safe and supportive environment where people who have undergone an amputation can come together, share experiences, inspire each other and gain emotional, social, and practical support. One of the key elements of the group is to enable members to build on shared personal experience and empathy, focusing on individuals strengths and working towards their well being. 

The group also allows members to have access to the professionals who have been involved with your care whilst you were in hospital.

League members representing LoF groups which had helped to raise funds for the items of equipment were delighted to see them in use, and to meet the patients who were benefitting from them. The Amputee Support Group also gave a generous cash donation of £100 raised in a recent raffle to the League of Friends as a further thank you.

Thank you to both groups for spreading so much positivity with these celebrations!