Thank you to staff for swift response

Chief Executive Susan Acott has thanked staff working last night (20 February 2019) to respond to the power outage at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate, and to maintain safe care for patients during this time. 

The situation was caused by an attempted theft of electrical cables at QEQM shortly after 7pm. These cables connect the building to the backup emergency generator and were damaged along with other cables that control the power in part of the hospital.

The Trust's UPS back-up systems for critical equipment maintained power which allowed staff to safely move patients to unaffected parts of the hospital. The hospital was supported by Kent Fire and Rescue teams providing emergency lighting. 

Staff were able to repair the damaged cables and reinstate power just before 11pm and the staff on site have worked quickly and safely to return to normal operating.

"A huge thank you to every member of staff working last night who made sure patient care was not compromised and worked hard to restore services as quickly as possible," said Susan. "Thank you too, to our colleagues at Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent Police and SECAMB for their support."