Healthier to be smoke-free

Child with oxygen mask promoting smoke free
Published on 26 September 2019

Hospital staff and patients are to be given extra support to quit smoking as East Kent Hospitals renews its commitment to being smoke-free.

Smoking is linked to almost half a million hospital admissions each year and giving up is the single best thing someone can do to improve their health.

The Trust is reminding patients, visitors and staff that smoking is not allowed in any of its hospital buildings, doorways, grounds and car parks – including inside vehicles.

Chief Executive Susan Acott said: “Many of our patients can be affected by cigarette smoke and we know that even if someone smokes outside, toxins can stay on their clothing, hair and breath for up to three hours.

“We’re here to help people be as healthy as possible and that includes helping people to stop smoking.

“Stoptober is the perfect opportunity to give up and I hope our renewed pledge to be a smoke-free hospital will encourage people to find out about the support available to help them quit.”

Nicotine replacement therapy will be offered to inpatients to help them give up while they are being treated at Trust hospitals. Smoking can lead to complications and delays in recovery so a smoke-free hospital will protect and improve the health and wellbeing of patients as well as staff, visitors and contractors.

For information on support to stop smoking, see www.oneyoukent.org.uk or call 0300 123 1220.