International Nurses Day 

This day – which this year is marked on Sunday (12) – is celebrated around the world every year.

Each year the invaluable care that the Trust’s nurses and midwives provide for local people in the communities of east Kent is recognised on International Nurses Day.

This year, the Royal College of Nursing is holding the nation’s ‘Biggest Nursing Party’ by inviting healthcare professionals to organise their own get-togethers with colleagues.

During the week, staff from across east Kent have been giving in their nominations for inspiring nurses and midwives, as well as these being shared across social media with the #internationalnursesday. 

Hannah Horne, Deputy Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology, said: "Everyone is aware of the outstanding and pioneering work of Florence Nightingale, the woman with the lamp, and how her courageousness during the Crimean War set the fundamentals of nursing as we know it now.

“In recent times we’ve heard patients and nurses question what Florence would think of modern nursing and the technological advances that we are making. 

“Before becoming a nurse Florence was a statistician - she used this knowledge to gather information about mortality and morbidity. She used her knowledge to improve patient care and more importantly improve both the mortality and morbidity rates of patients.

“Over the last year in East Kent we have seen the implementation and roll out of Allscripts, Patient Tracking List (PTL) development, the innovative maternity MOMA app and we are starting to work on the T3 project. At times during this past year every single member of staff has worked hard to learn and embrace these new systems. 

"Thanks to these changes the quality of patient information and statistics has enable us, as a Trust, to have a good understanding of the needs of our patients and as a result we are able to provided evidenced based, Trust specific care to meet the needs of the population of east Kent."