Maintenance of buildings and estate

East Kent Hospitals Trust is responsible for five hospitals across east Kent.

The maintenance of buildings and estate is a common issue for many NHS organisations and we work hard to keep them up to date to meet the demands of modern healthcare delivery, especially considering some of our estate dates back to the 1930s.

Our hospitals operate an on-going maintenance programme. However, there are a number of areas that we know need redeveloping and investing in for the future.

One example of this is investment in temperature control. We are putting £600K into ensuring every clinical area in our three large hospitals has dedicated air conditioning where possible, or access to cooling units in place by the summer.

We are trialling a new system at Kent and Canterbury Hospital to monitor both cold and hot temperatures remotely via a sensor fitted in specific areas.  This means the temperature can be monitored centrally so cooling units, fans and heaters can be distributed quickly as soon as they are needed.

We always ensure that the safety of services is maintained at all sites.