Ophthalmology perform another Kent first

Ophthalmology at East Kent Hospitals have performed a Kent first with a recent bilateral cataract operation on a 19 year-old patient.  

The operation, performed by Dr Nick Kopsachillis, means the patient had simultaneous surgery on both eyes and used a new toric multi-focal lens - the first of its type fitted in Kent. The surgery now means the young patient will not need to wear glasses at all and the astigmatism that she had previously, is now fully corrected.

Simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery can be particularly helpful for people with cataracts in both eyes who are very nearsighted or very farsighted. These patients can sometimes be unhappy when the cataract procedures are performed on separate days because they feel visually unbalanced after the first surgery.

Dr Kopsachillis said: "It’s exactly this kind of operation that the Ophthalmology team are championing. The advantages of same-day cataract surgery on both eyes include fewer hospital visits, not to mention faster recovery of binocular vision for driving and other critical tasks, and a quicker return to normal living for our patients."

Julia Bournes, Opthalmology Program Manager, said: “Nick is a great consultant and with the help of his cornea team and theatre staff, is really keen to make changes for the patients – we’re so lucky to have him with the Trust enhancing our reputation for ophthalmic expertise.

“Not only does this kind of procedure provide a higher standard for the patient, it also shows prospective ophthalmic experts elsewhere who might not have considered East Kent as a place of employment, that this is an attractive and innovative place to work.”