Party makes patient's wishes come true

Staff from Invicta Ward at the party

Published on 16 October 2019

Hospital wards aren’t known for their party atmosphere – but there were festivities galore at Invicta Ward at the Kent and Canterbury this week.

Staff brought in decorations, crackers, cake and music to make a patient’s wishes come true after he was feeling down about being in hospital and asked for a party.

Occupational therapists helped patients have a go at dancing, with even the most frail able to join in some hand jive action.

Nurse Tina Olver said: “We formed a committee of staff and several patients to discuss and arrange what they would like.

“Several of the ladies wanted to make chocolate rice crispie cakes, and to decorate others with hundreds and thousands, and the gentleman who requested the party made cheese and pickled onion snacks.

“We had the best time ever and the patient was delighted his wish had come true.”

Staff and patients donned party hats, and party poppers added to the festive atmosphere.