Ronnie Breastscreening

Huge thanks for a veteran breast screening fundraiser

The Breast Screening Unit has their very own fundraising superstar who has dedicated approximately nine years of his life to help raise money for others through volunteering.

Ronnie Treston has raised thousands of pounds for various charities over the years – some with the special assistance from his late friend, Dave Lee – and is a big fan of using fancy dress to help spread his message.

Ronnie said: "I have made so many friends through my volunteering work, and we have a dedicated team who travel from Herne Bay every week to help out, regardless of our own health or surprise circumstances. Even the weather can’t dampen our spirits!"

Breast screening is currently offered every three years to women aged from 50 up to their 71st birthday in England. 

Breast screening is an effective way of detecting breast cancer, often at a very early stage, when there are no outward signs. The sooner the problem is detected, the more ways there are of treating it successfully. Many women in east Kent have had their lives saved by taking part in the breast screening programme.

The Stuart Field Mammography Unit is based at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, and the department also run three mobile screening units that move around 18 sites throughout east Kent. The team see around 30,000 women for a screening mammogram each year on the mobile unit alone. 

In addition to his volunteering for the unit, Ronnie also gives his time to teach health professionals how it feels to be a patient with special needs, and he often attends workshops within the Trust to convey his experiences.

The Breast Screening Department want to thank Ronnie for his continued hard work and show appreciation for being a truly wonderful person. Thank you for your time and dedication, Ronnie – you are invaluable!