Girls’ musical tribute to NHS frontline staff

Kiya and Aria Fuggle

Published on 1 April 2020

Two school pupils have rewritten a popular song to show support for NHS staff.

Twins Kiya and Aria Fuggle, 12, live in Ashford and usually attend St Anselm’s Catholic school in Canterbury. 

While school is closed, they have put their musical talents to good use and recorded their own version of Shine, from the film Rock and Royals. They created their own lyrics in praise of NHS staff caring for patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

The girls’ dad Lee said: “They worked really hard on the song and wanted to show NHS staff how much they understand the difficult situation they find themselves in. 

“They wanted to do something to say thank you to the doctors and nurses across East Kent Hospitals and to let them know they were thinking of them.”

The girls rewrote the lyrics, which usually reflect the film character’s fears about letting her true self shine. They included the lines: 

“We’re working as one to save everyone and everyone’s relying on us, cos we are on the frontline helping you to get well.

“What if we back down now cos we’re afraid of what might happen?

“What if we turn away when the people really need us most?

“What if we lose our breath and we have to be looked after?

“Or tonight, every night, what if we shine?”

You can hear their version here.