Patient's poem thanks teams for their support

Marlene Lewis

Published on 11 May 2020

A dialysis patient has penned a poem to thank the teams continuing to care for her during the coronavirus outbreak.

Marlene Lewis, 64, who lives in Ashford, needs treatment three times a week and wanted to pay tribute to staff at the William Harvey Hospital, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, and Maidstone Kidney Care Centre as well as Lewisham and Guys, where she was previously treated.

A keen amateur poet, Marlene felt verse was the best way to show her thanks.

She said: “These people are literally keeping me alive; because of them I am still here.

“They do so much and they don’t get enough thanks from us.

“I actually feel safer going to the hospital than I do in the real world, because in hospital everything is disinfected and everyone is wearing masks.

“The transport team pick me up and take me home and I feel very protected.

“The nurses at all the hospitals where I have been treated are so good and they go out of their way to look after everyone.” 

The renal team at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford usually care for Marlene during her dialysis sessions, but she is temporarily attending Maidstone Kidney Care Centre during the pandemic. The centre is run by East Kent Hospitals.

She said: “This is my way of saying thank you to them all.

“They do a marvellous job and I think they are all very special people to do what they do.

“I want them to know how much they are appreciated.” 

Marlene’s poem is below:

Thank you for the doctors and nurses who dedicate their lives,

Knowing they have at home children, husbands and wives.

Also for the transport people working morning, noon and night,

Even when we moan and groan they don't fuss or fight.

To them we are total strangers but yet they all still care for us,

Yet still they keep their patience they don't make a fuss.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much,

For going above and beyond with your wonderful loving touch.

You are all special people and I am grateful every day,

You keep me alive, to say thank you this is my way.

You give us patients unconditional love,

May God bless you all from heaven above.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you once again,

Thank you for all you do to take away our pain.

You’re on my own personal pedestal,

And in my mind I think you all deserve a medal.


& MAIDSTONE hospitals,

I've had the same VIP treatment from them all 

So thank you, I, Marlene Lewis, specially appreciate you, 

Please know I am eternally grateful in all that you do.