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Harmonia Village at Dover
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The Harmonia Village at Dover


The Community Areas of Sustainable Care and Dementia Excellence in Europe (CASCADE) Project

Dementia centre of excellence

Dementia in the UK

Dementia presents a huge challenge to society, both now and increasingly in the future. In 2015 there were 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, by 2025 this will have grown to 1,142,677. Dementia now costs the UK economy £26.3 billion a year, enough to pay everyone’s energy bills for one year. Across the EU as whole the cost is €130bn.

So far, new developments in care of people living with dementia have focused on removing them to a safe place. However, the reality is that they often spend significant amounts of time in hospital beds. This is not good for the patient, as hospital expertise and equipment is focused on resolving specific health issues, rather than necessarily the care needs of an elderly person living with dementia. This scenario poses a significant challenge for the Trust in terms of taking up capacity, decreasing efficiency and increasing costs. New methods of providing care for people living with dementia will be vital, if the challenges presented by the rapidly increasing elderly population, are to be addressed. 

Recent News

7th June 2019

Harmonia Village featured on TV and radio!

Harmonia Village featured on BBC South East TV bulletins on Friday 7th June and was showcased on BBC iPlayer for 24-hours. It also featured on BBC Radio Kent bulletins throughout the day and on their drivetime programme. It also made the national news agenda. In case you missed it, watch the video of Harmonia Village appearing on BBC Southeast here:

Harmonia Village World Cafe Event

6 March 2019

The Harmonia Village Hub provides an opportunity to do something different to support people living with dementia that compliments and enhances existing services and organisations in Dover. To establish what that “something” might be, the Harmonia Village project team wanted to start by challenging their assumptions about what the system is like for people living and working with dementia now.

Jo Seeley, Darzi Fellow with Harmonia Village, hosted a World Café on 6th March at St Radigund’s Centre in Dover. The event provided an opportunity to do just that: understand what it is like now, living or working with dementia, why is it like it is, and how can the Hub help.

The World Café was attended by people living with dementia, their families, community organizations, charities, health and social care workers and members of the Harmonia Village project team. There was a fantastic turn out at the event, with honest, open contributions from all those who came. Juli Dosad, a Kent-based graphic recorder, beautifully captured the stories and experiences about the strengths and weaknesses that currently exist within the system, as well as the ideas about how the Hub could best be used.

The Harmonia Village team will use the record of this community conversation to create a mission statement for the Hub, and look forward to hosting more events to build on the ideas for innovative and creative working and, as one attendee put it “design services with the person in the centre, not the organizations”. 

13 November 2018
A short ground-breaking ceremony was held to mark the commencement of construction. There was also a brief presentation on the project showing the architectural drawings and models of how the finished site will look. Lots of support was shown, including Dover's Mayor who helped us to break the ground!

Ground-breaking at Harmonia

11 November 2018
Members of The Harmonia at Dover Project team were invited along to the House of Lords to discuss the Harmonia Village Music Strategy and the role of music in dementia friendly communities

1 November 2018
Construction work commences at The Harmonia Village at Dover

5 June 2018
Planning approval for the The Harmonia Village at Dover has now been received from Dover District Council.

Charlie Elphicke, Henry Quinn and Philip Brighton at Dementia Centre of Excellence site

Charlie Elphick MP visits the site of the Harmonia Village at Dover to learn more about the project and gives it his support.

Watch a short video by Charlie on his Facebook page

Pictured (left) from left to right:
  • Dr. Phil Brighton - The Harmonia Village at Dover clinical lead
  • Charlie Elphick - MP for Dover and Deal
  • Henry Quinn – The Harmonia Village at Dover Project Lead

The CASCADE Project

As a University Trust playing an active role in a number of research programmes, the Trust is in a good position to develop new approaches to care of people living with dementia. Ideally any approach should be applicable for elderly/dementia care across different cultural and social settings and crucially must be financially sustainable. The challenge then is to provide person centered, sustainable programmes of care within local communities. A proposal was developed for a dementia facility behind Buckland hospital, based on existing housing, which met these criteria.

Working with European partners the Trust has secured funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund). The four year project is called “Community Areas of Sustainable Care and Dementia Excellence in Europe” (CASCADE).  The project will see the construction of new facilities for the elderly and for people living with dementia and will create a Centre of Excellence for dementia suffers across the partner regions.

Project partners:

  • The Health and Europe Centre(UK)
  • East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (UK)
  • Medway Community Healthcare CIC (UK)
  • Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)
  • ZorgSaam (Netherlands)
  • HZ University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • Emmaus Elderly Care (Belgium)
  • Flemish Expertise Centre on Dementia (Belgium)
  • Residential Care Holy Heart (Belgium)
  • University of Lille (France)

Observer Partners

  • La Vie Active (France)
  • Flemish Minister on Wellbeing, Public Health and Family Care, Zorgnet Icuro (Belgium)
  • Flemish Agency Care and Health (Belgium)
  • Tourism Flanders (Belgium)

The dementia facility is a core element of the CASCADE project and will provide longer term and short-term respite care for people living with dementia which will fully engage with the local community. The wider project will be the basis for sharing research results, expertise and knowledge in dementia care for the future.

CASCADE will combine and scale up pockets of excellence, to create new methods of service delivery for the provision of elderly/dementia care and support people to live well in therapeutic communities rather than hospitals.

The outcome will be a step-change improvement in care of the elderly and people living with dementia in the 2 Seas area, by supporting their care needs at every stage.

Find out more

Read out Press Release

For further information contact: Henry Quinn, Strategic Development, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3 NG,

More details on the overall project can be found at:

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